Tradition and Innovation

  • founded in 1920
  • 5 Sites
  • 200 Employees
  • more than 50 Patents
  • certified to international standards

Reutter's history is that of an automotive manufacturer with a firmly-established position in Europe.

In 2010, Reutter established production, quality, and sales support in North America with it's North American headquarters in Salem, New Hampshire, and our North American production facility in Cuautla, Mexico. It is here that we combine German engineering with American customer support and world class manufacturing. With support from our affiliates in Stuttgart, Salzburg, and Slovakia, we can support the needs of the international market at all times. As a company, Reutter continues to grow, expanding recently into Asian markets with facilities in India and China.

Innovative solutions in closure technology have made us one of the leading companies in this sector. Our core business focuses on the development and production of radiator, tank filler and oil filler caps, and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems, which are primarily made using plastic injection molding methods. We also focus on new kinds of trend-setting system solutions in tank and cooler peripherals.

Our advantage is our ability to complete all the important processes internally, from development and design using state-of-the-art CAD systems through in-house tool production, testing, custom assembly line construction, and production. Consistent quality management in all stages of our process represents a key part of our corporate policy. Our customers can count on our on-time delivery performance and responsive customer service.

These capabilities combined with our customer-focused approach provide distinct advantages over our competitors. Reutter complies with the strictest quality requirements set by the automotive industry worldwide.

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